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The Dark Journalist, Sarah Westall

There are many things in governance, ruling, and the society that the common man does not see or understand. That is the reason Sarah has devoted all her life to putting together these pieces of information and making them available to the public. Learn more about  Sarah Westall,  go here. Her struggle for a long time has been to educate Americans about the legal structure of their government. A judge by the name Anna Von Reitz explains how people’s freedom is being taken away by fraud, threats, lack of full disclosure, coercion, intimidation, and many more injustices that people have been facing over the past century. She explains these criminals who have attacked and held the government and its people hostage under the subject of their authority to satisfy their evil intentions. There is a great dark history that is affecting the world up to date. These are the ruling governments that possessed high power in history that has kept this nation and the world as a whole to be their captives. Through Sarah’s posts, the readers are going to learn more about the government, society, and science. That is how you get to learn the most in-depth insights into the unparalleled media that will open up your mind. That is how you learn that there can never be peace without justice. The government is in bed with the bad guys.  Find out for further details right here That is the reason our government merges with other government services corporations to sell us more governmental services. Consider a service like Obamacare. That is one trick for all citizens to fall into buying government services and make more money from citizens. It is from such knowledge that I intend to pass to every citizen so they can know the real power that they possess to help them wake up and restore full power and governance on the land. That is achieved by making the public put all facts before the people it serves to see the truth. Every individual who lives on this land must step up and fight against bad governance and injustices. Most big nations have been on the other side of the line in breaching the trust of our international Trustee for the past over 150 years. The people in power are not willing to change because they know that as the right way of doing things. There is usually a lot of ignorance when people are mentioned in fraud and graft cases by the necessary authority, and they and up being free. Subscribe here for more of this in my weekly newsletter. Take a look  at this link  for more information.